Elevate Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa

Luonto Elevare Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Luonto Elevare Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa in couch position
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofaLuonto Elevare Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa in transitoning position
Luonto Elevare Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa in sleeping position
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa in Parker&Rome showroom
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Bunk Bed Sleeper sofa
Elevate Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa

Elevate Bunk Bed Sleeper Sofa

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A modern marvel of engineering, Elevate goes from sofa to bunk bed with little effort. If that isn’t enough function, we also added straps to keep bedding in place and a zipper compartment to hold pillows.

Bunk Bed Function:

Combining multiple patents and components, this function is the first of its kind compliant with GCC intended for home furnishing use in the US and Canada. Lifting from the front panel, a seemingly typical sofa transforms into a bunk bed for two adults.

How to use Bunk Bed Function:

  1. Lift up from the front panel, then up and away
  2. Pull the appearing bed frame forward
  3. Unclip the ladder at the red clip, swivel to the floor
  4. Open the hinging header and footer panels
  5. Unbuckle rail cover and slip into place


  • Sleeper with Foam Mattresses 2x (4 in/10 cm)
  • High Back or Low-back
  • Top Bunk supports up to 220 lbs
  • General Certificate of Compliance for Safety


  • Sofa: 90" W x 40" D x 38" H
  • Upper Mattress Size:  74.8"L X 31.5"W
  • Lower Mattress Size:  74.0"L X 29.5"W

About Luonto Furniture
A focus on Scandinavian design and quality with an emphasis on functionality. Scandinavian design was a movement from the 1950s based on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. A style that allows our design team to be flexible while staying on target and true to our roots. True to form, our furniture has the simple, clean lines you would expect, full of function! Whether you need the perfect sleeper sofa, additional storage, adjustable seating comfort, or more, we have solutions with style. Never one to compromise comfort, we take great pride in building our furniture for everyday use while incorporating functions that can make your life easier.
Luonto uses a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of its craftsmen to produce a sustainable, beautiful, and functional product. Based in Finland, Luonto manufacturing processes are part of the family business's heritage. "This is not something we do to be on-trend, but rather it is done simply because it is where we come from and how we do things." Luonto only uses locally sourced wood and recycles its wood waste by converting it into pellets that heat all three production lines, local schools, and even one local town. "With these methods and more, we have a minimal footprint in making our product while helping others that can benefit from our byproducts.



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