Disclaimer: Variation in PANELUX™ Wood Finish Dye Lots and Finishing Edges

Please be advised that due to the inherent characteristics of natural wood and our commitment to sustainable sourcing, PANELUX™ wood finishes and finishing edges may exhibit slight variations in color, grain pattern, texture, and edge detailing. These variations are a hallmark of natural wood's beauty and uniqueness, and they contribute to the distinctive appeal of each PANELUX™ product.

Dye lot variations can occur as a result of the wood finishing process, leading to subtle differences in shade and tone, even when the same color and finish are applied. Similarly, variations
in finishing edges are part of the bespoke nature of our products, reflecting the artisanal quality and individualized attention given to each piece.

Such variations are common in the industry and are not considered defects. When planning your project, especially for large installations or matching pieces, we recommend ordering sufficient
material from the same dye lot to ensure consistency. Please note, however, that we cannot guarantee an exact match to the original dye lot or finishing edges if additional material is needed later.

We strive to provide the highest quality and aesthetic appeal in our wood finishes and finishing edges, and we appreciate your understanding and appreciation of the natural and slight variances that contribute to the unique beauty of your PANELUX™ wood products.

For specific concerns or questions about dye lot variations or finishing edges, please contact our customer service team or assistance.