How to Shop for Sofas, Sectionals, and Accent Chairs

Mar 25, 2024


Furnishing a home is a journey that combines personal taste with practical considerations. When it comes to choosing pieces that stand out, like sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs, there are several factors to keep in mind. Whether you're upgrading your living room or furnishing a new space, these tips will guide you toward making decisions that marry style with comfort.

1. Start with the Size

Before you fall in love with a piece of furniture, make sure it fits—not just in your room, but through any doors, stairways, or elevators it needs to pass. Measure your space and consider the layout. For smaller spaces, loveseats or compact sectionals can offer versatility without overwhelming the room. Larger rooms might benefit from a sprawling sectional that creates a cozy and inviting focal point.

2. Know Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should dictate your furniture choices. Families with children or pets might prioritize durable, easy-to-clean fabrics like polyester or leather. If you entertain often, consider a sectional with ample seating or a statement-making accent chair that adds extra flair to your space.

3. Comfort Is Key

When it comes to seating, comfort is non-negotiable. Take the time to sit on sofas and chairs in person if you can. Check for supportive cushioning and ergonomic designs that support your back. Remember, deeper seats are great for taller individuals, while shallower ones may be better for shorter users.

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4. Material Matters

The longevity of your furniture is often determined by the quality of its materials. Solid wood frames, high-density foam cushions, and high-quality fabrics or leather can indicate a piece that will stand the test of time. Sustainable materials are also gaining popularity, reflecting a growing interest in eco-friendly furniture choices​.

5. Colour and Patterns

Colour can transform a room, and choosing the right hues for your sofas and chairs can set the mood. Neutral colours offer versatility and longevity, while bold or bright pieces can add character and focal points within a space. If you're hesitant about committing to colour, consider neutral large pieces with colourful accents like pillows or throws for a pop of personality.

6. Test for Quality

Pay attention to details that indicate quality craftsmanship. Joints should be sturdy and seamless, cushions should retain their shape when sat on, and fabrics should be aligned and without visible flaws. High-quality stitching and finishes can also indicate a piece that will look great for years to come.

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7. Think About the Future

Consider how a piece might age or fit into potential future moves. High-quality, timeless pieces should adapt to different spaces and decor styles. Remember, a good sofa, sectional, or accent chair doesn't just fill a space—it enhances your home's comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Incorporating Parker&Rome’s Philosophy

At Parker&Rome, we believe in finding the perfect balance between beauty, functionality, and affordability. Our curated collections of sofas, sectionals, and accent chairs are designed to meet the needs of modern lifestyles while providing the comfort and style that make a house feel like home. Inspired by the latest trends and crafted with quality materials, our pieces are meant to be both functional and inspirational, ensuring that your living space is not only comfortable but also a reflection of your personal style.

By following these tips and considering your needs and preferences, you can create a living space that's both stylish and functional. Remember, the best furniture pieces are those that you love coming home to—pieces that perfectly blend form, function, and comfort.