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    Relax Club Chair - Black Leather with Black
    Woven Black Leather Accent Chair
    Woven Black Leather Accent Chair
    Omari black leather chair - Sunpan
    Retro Lounge Chair - Calcio Tan
    Rio Cool Armchair made from genuine animal hide and Mindi wood frame
    Mindi wood originated in Holland. The plants were transported to Indonesia where it was valued for its strength and other beneficial qualities. It was grown in plantations there and called Mindi wood. Other names for this wood include white cedarwood, chinaberry, marindi wood, faux sycamore, and Geringging. Mindi wood possesses properties that make it naturally resistant to fungi and decay. It is preferred by cabinetmakers and woodworkers because it is very easy to work with. When compared with other types
    Rio Cool Armchair - Genuine goat hide and Mindi wood
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