The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sectional or Sofa for Holiday Hosting

As the holidays approach, you might find yourself imagining a living room refresh that can accommodate your guests with style and comfort! Choosing the right sectional or sofa is key to ensuring your space is holiday-ready, whether for cozy movie nights or lively New Year's Eve parties. Here are our top picks from Parker&Rome to upgrade your space:

Martha Sofa - Beach Alabaster: A light, inviting piece that sets a serene backdrop for your holiday decorations​.

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Feather Sectional - Charcoal: Make a statement with this sleek, modern option, providing a sophisticated setting for your festive soirées​.


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Oxford Sectional - Travertine Cream: Timelessly elegant, this sectional offers versatility and comfort, ensuring your guests are seated in style​.


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Flex King Size Sectional Sleeper: Hosting overnight guests? This sectional unfolds into a king-size bed, making it a holiday hero for unexpected stayovers​.


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Holland Sectional - Graphite: Choose durability without sacrificing style; this dark-toned sectional is forgiving of spills and perfect for family-friendly spaces​.


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Before making your choice, consider your space, your hosting style, and which features matter most to you. Do you need extra sleeping space, or is ample seating your priority? Perhaps a balance of both? Whichever you choose, ensure it complements your holiday decor and welcomes your guests with open arms.

Upgrade your living room with a sectional or sofa that not only meets your holiday needs but also elevates your everyday living. Parker&Rome's selection promises a blend of aesthetics and practicality, ensuring your holiday hosting is both chic and seamless.